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Make it happen. Branding and hancraftmanship work, a winning combination

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Altavilla Vicentina

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termine delle iscrizioni
25 settembre 2020

inizio delle lezioni
25 settembre 2020

4 ore

costo di partecipazione
200 Euro

lavoratori e professionisti del settore,lavoratori in cassa integrazione o mobilità

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Duration: 4 hours, 2 live lessons

Date and time: September 25 and October 2, 2020 | from 6.00 to 8.00 PM CEST

Trainer: Alberto Campagnolo​


Creating beauty is mandatory but it is not enough. There is no lifestyle without exceptional human and technical skills. Nowadays it is evident that - after the recent economic crisis - also the Covid-19 pandemic is profoundly reshaping the meaning and the goals of branding. The role of “hand-made” and “made in” are more and more seductive for the Millennials and the new generations that may meaningfully find a gateway towards their ideal future. Many are the signals for a new promising dawn, from the DIY to the recent promotion contents focused on production.


This course is part of our special catalogue of online training courses.

The catalogue includes live courses only, offered in synchronous mode, as we particularly value and prioritize the direct interaction and discussion between participants and trainers.

Courses are designed, delivered and managed according to the distinctive quality and service standards of CUOA’s offering: you will be effectively engaged with trainers and participants, as well as with a CUOA dedicated team who will support you in all phases of distance learning. Furthermore, a didactic space specifically reserved for your virtual classroom will be at your disposal on our learning platform. At the end of each lesson, teaching materials, operational tools presented by the trainer, exercises and reference bibliography will be shared to allow you effectively reach your learning objectives.

Finally, CUOA will support you in assessing your learning providing you with a final evaluation feedback. A CUOA participation certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.


The course aims to investigate the new trend of handcraftsmanship work and its huge relevance. Moving backward from branding to omnichannel marketing, the course also will focus attention about how to

design innovative internal and external actions for tomorrow focused on the driver of “by hand”. There is a "manual intelligence" that is fairly and finally rediscovered. Like in the culinary world, also in fashion the

manual work is achieving a new glamour and even coolness, maybe unexpected but full of potential. How can brands ride this trend in order to give an extra boost to their engagement process? A specific focus on

Italy and its plural handcraftsmanship cultures will be also provided.

Participation fee

  • Individual non-holder of V.A.T. Number: € 200,00 V.A.T. included
  • Company or Professional, holder of V.A.T. Number: € 200,00 + V.A.T. (22%)
  • CUOA Founding/Supporting Member; CUOA Master Alumnus; Student of executive courses of over 60 hours: € 100,00 + V.A.T.
  • Former Student of CUOA-IBS International Winter/Summer Programs: € 100,00 V.A.T. included.


The course will be activated upon reaching a minimum number of enrolled students in order to guarantee the quality and relevance of learning dynamics.

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