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Field Application Engineer


Assunzione alle dipendenze

Tempo indeterminato

regime orario
Full time

luogo di lavoro
IT Emilia Romagna, Modena

area professionale
Ingegneria, R&D, Progettazione

livello professionale

Invia candidatura

Descrizione della posizione

Founded in 1994, ETAS GmbH is a wholly-owned affiliate of the Bosch Group. It has international subsidiaries and sales offices in 14 countries.
ETAS offers innovative solutions for the development of embedded systems for the automotive and other embedded industries. As a system supplier, ETAS offers a wide range of products from integrated tools and tooling solutions to engineering services, consulting, training and support. Safety solutions in the field of embedded systems are offered by ETAS subsidiary ESCRYPT.
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Job De ion

Under the responsibility of the Team Leader, the Field Application Engineer provides advice, assistance, information and training. Specialized in a field or a customer, he can intervene directly on all or part of a project. His peers in his field or customer recognize him as a technical counterpart by his level of expertise.

To ensure that the technical requirements of customers for an ETAS solution are being identified, evaluated and communicated within ETAS. ETAS solution can be integrated and adapted in the customer environment.The main tasks include as follows (one Field Application can take one or more of them)

Pre-sales Activity:

  • Be the technical contact for the Key Account Sales Team for all ETAS hardware and software products with a particular focus on the field of measurement and calibration but also including software engineering and validation.
  • Support sales staff in preparation for and at customer sales visits in the role of ‘technical authority’
  • Lead customer technical discussion including clarifying customer requirements and preparing suitable system configurations based on ETAS products and solutions
  • Evaluate technical requirements including analysis of customer’s work processes and elaborate new solution approaches for their individual requirements.
  • Create product demonstration, show them to customers and support them with product evaluations and deployment.
  • Coordinate closely with headquarter Product Group to solve customers’ requirements on technical issues
  • Represent ETAS at fairs and conferences.
  • Be responsible for the local demo/loan hardware stores


Customer solution implementation:

  • Implement new solutions for pilot customers
  • Adapt existing solution for customers
  • Develop and support additional customer feature


Post-sales Activity:

  • Be a key technical contact of your customers for Measurement/Calibration a Prototyping/Software Engineering
  • Give aftersales support to your customers around the installation and use of our products (onsite or remote support)
  • Support other urgent customer request from technical perspective
  • In situations where you cannot resolve an issue you will be the customer channel to ETAS GmbH
  • Perform training and/or technical consulting on our products



Engineer in Mechanics, Electronics, IT, Automotive, Embedded Systems, Industrial Engineering. At least 5 years experience with function or embedded software development, engineering in the automotive industry.

Technical / Methodological Competence

Focusing on several application solutions in one portfolio:

  • Solid technical knowledge of several application solutions to do the job at a high level of accomplishment.
  • Basic understanding of development process of automotive control software; basic understanding of the control strategies in at least one of the following areas - engine control, transmission control, chassis control, E-motor control, battery control for E-vehicles, body control
  • General knowledge of ETAS application solutions and deep knowledge in Software Engineering and/or Measurement, ECU Calibration, Diagnostics
  • Knowledge in ETAS Hardware products portfolio : ESxxx and/or similar tools from competitors
  • Knowledge in ETAS Software products portfolio :  INCA, INCA-FLOW, ASCMO, INTECRIO, ASCET, SCODE, EHOOKS,… and/or similar tools from competitors
  • MATLAB®, Simulink®
  • Knowledge of µ controllers, electrical interfaces, automotive actuators and sensors, communication bus
  • Software programming skills are welcome
  • Basic project management skill and problem solving skill


Social Competence

Effective communication skill:

  • Good oral and written English skill to communicate with internal colleagues and external customers
  • Excellent local language to win customers’ trust
  • Be attentive and active listening, has the patience to hear customers out and can accurately understand and restate the requirement of customers
  • Can transfer the right information to management and Sales Teams
  • Able to deliver convincing presentation


Team spirit:

  • To work together with other FAEs and share FAE expertise with global colleagues to achieve ETAS company target. To work with sales department to support business acquisition. Able to work and be integrated in a multinational team
  • Be flexible, self-motivated, self-sufficient and a completer of tasks. You will need to be able to prioritize, multitask and handle pressure
  • Leading with customer’s criticism, complaints and expectations


Entrepreneurial Mindset:

  • Customer orientation: is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; can use customer information for improvements in solutions proactively; can establish and maintain effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect
  • Target orientation: can be counted on to exceed goals successfully; very bottom-line oriented; steadfastly pushes self and others for results
  • Strategic thinking in basic level: can develop and introduce new strategies jointly with other internal or external strategic departments



  • Influencing skill for his/her specific application solution, is eager to do so and has the ability and willingness to guide, consult and convince peers, superiors and customers
  • Coaching and mentoring: able to build up trustful relationship with coachee or mentee, let him/her bring out thoughts and ideas, then provide constructive feedback.



  • Italy (region of Modena),
  • Time to time : Germany / Western Europe


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