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Master in Luxury Management

LUISS Business School


stage, tirocinio

modalità erogazione
formazione in aula

borse di studio, riduzioni
non disponibili


programmi pubblici
corso non finanziato

termine delle iscrizioni
21 settembre 2020

inizio delle lezioni
21 settembre 2020

12 mesi

costo di partecipazione
16.000 Euro

laureati di primo livello

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Luxury Management is a Major of the LUISS Master in Fashion & Luxury Management. This programme helps students to understand how to master the features of the Luxury industry.

The uniqueness of the Luxury industry and all its segments rely on the fact that luxury products and services require to be promoted and distributed with different logics. Luxury products have to target specific niches of the market that are willing to pay more for them. Luxury industry, even during the global economic crisis, did not just survive but it continued to show a stable unexpected growth (Bain report, 2015). The overall market exceeded €1 trillion in 2015 and personal luxury goods ballooned to more than €250 billion in 2015, more than tripling over the past 20 years. This represents a 13% growth over 2014.

The overall luxury market has a value of 1045 billion Euros and the personal luxury goods market of 253 billion Euros.

Italy is the first European market with a value of 17,3 billion Euros for the personal luxury goods segment. US is the first market and alone accounts for 78,6 billion Euros. It is the largest global market, bigger than the next four combined together (Japan, China, Italy, France).


Master in Luxury Management will provide participants with skills and competencies required to become a key figure within this industry. Italy represents one of the main locus for luxury industries, especially when it comes to some sectors such as fashion, luxury cars, yachts and luxury hospitality. However, because of the exponential growth of the emerging markets, the luxury industry continues to flourish. Almost half of the total number of luxury consumers is based in emerging markets and the Chinese luxury market is the main driving force of this phenomenon. LUISS Master in Luxury Management will give the right attention to these processes to allow participants to acquire a deeper knowledge of these markets.

In addition, Master in Luxury Management has selected the best lecturers from several luxury segments providing participants with a fruitful learning experience. Thanks to their strong work background, the lecturers will train students with a practical and efficient approach that will result in group projects, case studies and role playing enabling each participant to practice directly the work done in the luxury businesses.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the operating mechanisms in the various Luxury segments and in the Luxury industry as a whole
  • Comprehend corporate and business strategies
  • Discover the modern key figures operating in the Luxury industry and develop competencies and skills to access those jobs
  • Manage the product portfolio and analyse distributional channels
  • Become proficient with communication and image tools and techniques


Target Audience

The Master is intended for students with any undergraduate degree and willing to develop competences in the Luxury industry.

Scientific Director and Committee

Scientific Director
Barbara Sveva Magnanelli, Assistant Professor

Track Director
Alberto Festa, Luxury Consultant Kering Group

Scientific Committee
Olivia Mariotti, Olivia Mariotti & Co
Gianluca Brozzetti, Ceo Buccellati
Claudia D’Arpizio, Partner Bain & Co. Italy
Alberto Festa, LUISS Master of Fashion & Luxury Management – Luxury track Director
Luca Pirolo, Head of Master Programmes, Luiss Business School
Ferruccio Ferragamo, President Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.
Massimo Paloni, General Manager BULGARI


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